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Paul is a leader in functional art design!

Paul Stremple is an artist/inventor/designer. He was originally trained as an architect and worked for many high-profile fashion companies such as Gucci America, Inc. and Polo-Ralph Lauren. He has also worked with onter private architectual firms on design and interior projects for companies such as Louis Vuitton (Paris, London), Guerlain (Paris) and Chanel (Paris, New York).

At present, Paul has a focus on product design, accumulating more than nine patents over the last few years on products for the housewares industry. The most successful of these products is the BananaBunker. Even in this fast paced, more compicated life we live today, this product creates the possibility of making life a little simpler and eating healthier any time of the day.

"Pamper your banana with the BananaBunker." And in the contuning sagas of form following function, the BananaBunker has been selected for "SAFE: Design Takes on Risk" an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. (January, 06).

"But on an individual level, we are quite receptive to the idea that this or that consumer purchase might be just the thing to prepare us and protect us -- at least from the threats we are able to imagine. The BananaBunker, for instance, is flying off the shelves at MoMA's design shop." by Rob Walker, Free Play Radio. Nov. 05.

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