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Story on Groupon

Showcase with Bananas
It’s not easy to go viral on social media these days. That being said, everybody wants to break the internet and get people talking about them. This doesn’t only mean fame, but clicks, likes, and money.

Usually the more you try - the harder it is to achieve social media celebrity status, unless you yourself are already a celebrity. For those us that are not, going viral is most often accidental and not intentional.

Groupon has recently had one of those a bit accidental and not entirely intentional viral moments with banana bunker, sold by Cultured Containers.

The deal was three banana storage containers for a low price. Seemingly innocent sale offer exploded right away. And how could it not when you advertise a banana shaped item like that?

People started offering their comments that ranged from funny and curious to crude and obnoxious. Groupon stepped in with replies to each one of the comments and did it so skillfully that it didn’t only save the day for banana bunkers, but earned Groupon some bonus points and sales for sure. In fact, those replies are definitely to be thanked for breaking the internet and getting Groupon’s name out. As it even needed it…

Let’s take some time to follow the entire timeline of this social media phenomenon right from the start.

Groupon posted a picture of banana casings on their Facebook page generating interest right away. It was just a simple picture, nothing crazy about it, nothing inappropriate.

2,000 Facebook users took notice and shared this post over 45,000 times. Good start for viral, right?

Groupon is not known as the most famous viral seller, but it is familiar with selling items that are not always ordinary. Their responses to comments are too plentiful to cover here, but they certainly offer some lessons about social media and how to skew people’s attention your way. If you have any business online, take a note and do it right next time.

First, let’s just say – power of Facebook! Sceptics say that Facebook is dying and that it’s impossible to organically reach the masses, but as we see here, it’s still plenty powerful. There is definitely a reason why Facebook marketers are shelling out over $20 billion per year on the ads here. 60% of all ad revenue in the world belongs to Facebook. Numbers like that definitely speak very loud!

If you are selling something, chances are that a lot of your clients are on Facebook, so use it for free and entice the conversation, be smart and nice about it, but don’t forget to be interesting.

Green Bananas Second, be funny in addition to interesting. Boring won’t take you far. Humor attracts people and invites them for more. Often times you will have to put a lot of thought into something to make it look like accident. This whole banana bunker case was probably not accidental after all. Whichever way you will get yourself noticed, what follows that is not any less important. Be certain that humor sells and engages, so keep at it to sell.

Third, stay focused on your goals and stay on subject despite all the efforts to get you distracted, which people will do by pulling conversation one way or another.

You should always think ahead of commentators and be ready to meet them, stay strong and improvise. Always think about your image and your brand, don’t do or say anything to tarnish it, be responsible and always funny. To achieve that you have to get in the mood or hire somebody who can do that on the go. You need to lose your fear and just go with the flow. After all, you are on social media, which is a lot more forgiving that some official interactions at a store.

Finally, be personal and do it again. Facebook shows your name and your picture, so don’t get too high and mighty, customers will smell it and run away. Casual language and polite references are definitely OK. The last thing you want is to sound like a bot.

If you succeed, don’t fall asleep on your laurels, but think on your feet, think really fast, and do it again.

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