January 29, 2005
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York
SAFE: Design Takes on Risk

The Museum of Modern Art would like to include Cultured Containers BananaBunker® in the upcoming exhibition SAFE: Design Takes on Risk, which will be presented in the Museum's new building from October 15, 2005 to January 2, 2006. The exhibition is about design and protection, prevention, and response; about safety and security, real or perceived; about comfort and reliability. It covers all forms of design, from products to information architecture. More about the exhibition:

Safety is an instinctive need that has guided human choices throughout history. The protection, reassurance, and comfort that we crave—for our selves and our homes, families, cities, nations, and for the whole world—shape much of our daily activities and indeed the system on which our society operates. Risk, on the other hand, is mankind’s propelling fuel. We crave discovery, innovation, and inspiration, no matter how dangerous. We need to step into unknown territory in order to expand our universe.

Design is the key. Designers are trained to balance risk-taking with protection, and to mediate between disruptive change and safety. Designers make revolutions viable, understandable, and accessible for other human beings. Design can intervene to mediate between global and individual needs by drawing safety into its embrace and making it part of its path towards a more inventive, balanced, and harmonious environment.

SAFE is an exhibition of design objects and prototypes designed in order to
1) protect the body and the mind from dangerous or stressful situations
2) prevent and respond to situations of emergency
3) provide a sense of comfort and safety.

by Paola Antonelli